This page credits my Patreon patrons and shows what they can access on my Patreon page. It’s a personal thank-you to folks who believe in me. They receive sneak peeks of my work, content as it exists before publication, access to the community, the right to use most of my stuff noncommercially, and more. Patrons also see what I’m up to regularly and influence what I do as collaborators. You can too!

Patron Publications

Here are the patron-only publications I have coming or published.

Coming Soon

I’m working on the following items already. Drafts will appear on Patreon in the order I finish them.

Draculola Roleplaying Game. Patrons will receive a copy of the final first-edition PDF and a discount on a print-on-demand book. (Coming in June or July.)

Draculola: Generating Adventures. A tool for randomly generating adventures for the Draculola game.

Draculola: Zitterstein Setting. An overview of Draculola’s world, this setting is useful for any Draculola or similar game.

Brave Chicken. A sneak-peek draft of a game of barnyard hijinks with chickens, other farm animals, and people and wild animals that might want to befriend or eat them. Based on the Draculola game and just as flexible. The Brave Chicken game is based on a story by my oldest daughter.

Elfwood Artifacts. Six magical objects crafted by or for elves from the wood and other natural materials of fae woodlands. Includes mechanics for using these magic items several systems.

Theory of Undead. I use this model of undead in most of my RPG campaigns because it answers a lot of questions some cosmologies leave open and opens design space.

May 2020

Oath Arcana. A magical paladin oath for fifth-edition D&D.

April 2020

Draculola (Revision v.09). The Draculola roleplaying game beta has a new version with detailed random character generation, refined rules, and notes on future updates. See February 2020 for the first release.

Dead Guild. I tried my hand at an incursion for the Trophy Gold roleplaying game. This adventure is the result. It functions as the framework for a dark-fantasy adventure in other systems, too. Ive playtested the adventure, and it’s sufficiently deadly.

March 2020

Draculola (Revision v.08). The Draculola roleplaying game beta has a new version. See February 2020 for the first release.

Shattered Skies Setting. A revamp of a world setting I proposed for the Wizards of the Coast Fantasy Setting Search. Imagine most of the Battlestar Galactica’s fleet crashing into an alien world that has a space-age civilization, then mix in Thundarr the Barbarian for good measure. I plan on fleshing out this world on Patreon and for publication. I’ll include my original entry into the Fantasy Setting Search put in a more readable format than I sent to Wizards. Spoilers: I’ve come a long way in 18 years. Includes 11 pieces of original art.

February 2020

Draculola. You’re a kid monster helping your friend Draculola, a vampire girl, make creepy Zitterstein, your home, a better place. This sneak-peek draft presents my rules-light Draculola roleplaying game about kid monsters changing their world with their friend Draculola, a little girl and vampire aristocrat. It contains original creations from my young daughters, one of whom invented the Draculola character and much of the setting. This game can also be a framework for using other system-light games, such as FATE Accelerated or No Thank You Evil! to play in Zitterstein.

January 2020

Sahuchag Illustration. An original illustration of the sahuchag by me.

Sahuchag. An evil mutant cephalopod with a penchant for cunning and cruelty. This aberration is a monster playable in any fantasy RPG, with stats for D&D 5e, Cypher, FATE, Shadow of the Demon Lord, and Starfinder.

Abukahd’s Poppet. A simple doll with a fiend sleeping inside. This doll is an artifact for any fantasy RPG, with stats for D&D 5e, Cypher, FATE, Basic D&D, Pathfinder 2e, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Tiny Dungeon 2e, and Starfinder.


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