At Glockenspielplatz, Graz (1)

This little biography is trivial. It’s for fun. For professional material, see my work.

My full name is Christopher Steven Sims.

I came into the world in 1971 on the day before Halloween, because being born on Samhain might have been too cool. My fraternal twin brother, Neil, preceded me by eight minutes. I chalk that fact up to my being a little wiser and more patient. I’ve been called the good twin.

I doubt that’s true. I don’t really believe in that sort of thing. I do have a few fundamental ethics I support. I have included them below.

Anyway, back to the story.

Just south of Richmond, Virginia, I grew up poorer than many but still wanting for little. I fell in love with dinosaurs when I was five, and I started to draw them. Art became a passion. Then, at ten, I stumbled across the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Dragons are a lot like dinosaurs, you know? I started drawing dragons and dungeons, as well as places where dragons and dungeons might be found, and I thought my ticket to working on games was going to be art.

Although I was geeky in high school, I mixed a little jock in there. National Art Honors Society plus varsity football, that sort of thing. Games and art remained top priority, though. My mind’s eye never fixed on the idea that all the reading and writing I was doing might amount to something. Therefore, when I went to college to pursue my dreams, I eventually graduated with a dual degree in illustration and graphic design. I minored in writing. I now know I should have taken more math.

I’ve rambled. Virginia, Iowa, Minnesota, Arizona, Washington, and New York have all been home at one time or another. My jobs have ranged from pizza dude to ad designer to assistant art director.

Some gory details of how I came to work on games and how they affected my life can be found in this post. The short version is that my romance with roleplaying games began when I was ten. I started working on games in the early 2000s. For more reasons than the work, it has been great. I am grateful.

I’m married. Two little girls have graced us with their presence. We all live in Seebenstein, Austria.

My sincere wish is that, in the end, I helped a lot of people find joy and fun. I aim to cause very little unhappiness. Therefore, I support…

Equality, human rights, kindness, and inclusivity. I stand with those among us who still lack these due to our society’s structure and bad actors. I have no tolerance for abuse, bigotry, or hate aimed at me or others.

Healthcare, shelter, food, education, basic needs. We all need to work together to ensure all of us have our needs met. That means everyone deserves a certain standard of living, healthcare, and higher education. That’s what our taxes should be funding, rather than a police state and prison-industrial complex.

Evidence, expertise, facts, logic, and reason. In any discourse, these elements outweigh emotions, opinions, and lack of evidence. A claim made without evidence can be ignored without evidence.

Politics in cultural objects such as games. They are inevitiable. Further, being apolitical is a political stance. This stance is too often reserved for or abused by the privileged.

Feel free to let me know how I’m doing. If you stand against these values, also feel free to go elsewhere and to avoid supporting my work.

To end on a lighter note, for fun, here I am playing D&D for charity in 2015.

(1) Photo by Georg Mir, August 2016