I offer the following rates for freelance work. These rates are negotiable but represent my low end. The actual rate might depend on the publication in question, what you need, how much needs doing, and how quickly you want it done. Please contact me with work queries.


$0.10 per word

My copyediting improves accuracy, grammar, readability, structure, and style. I do all this while maintaining your voice. I use The Chicago Manual of Style and other official works for specific games. I can use your style guide, too.

Technical Editing

$0.15 per word

Technical editing includes copyediting plus developmental editing. We work together to push your prose and game mechanics to their best expression.

I use this rate for indexing. The word count for indexing is the final index word count rather than the word count of the manuscript.

Writing or Game Design

$0.20 per word

I can write or design parts of your publication. I can do both if you like.


My consulting rate is $45 per hour. In this case, the hour is yours, so we can talk about whatever you like.

I use this rate for layout work. I can create excellent layouts and typography for any project, from a pamphlet to a book.